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Professional Health Coaching services start at $149 a month with weekly half an hour meetings after an initial one hour consultation. Depending on your needs, a client can choose

In person, phone, or video call meetings

Cooking lessons for a whole food plant based diet

A guided shopping trip or a lesson in how to use gym equipment to get started working out (Group cooking classes are also available upon request).

About Christine Frost and TPBW


My journey to vibrant health and permanent weight loss started after my father passed away over a decade ago. I was only in my mid twenties and he was just 57 years old. He died of congestive heart failure and complications from a stroke. He suffered for many years with coronary disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. These are all preventable conditions and even though he knew for many years that the way he ate was making him ill, he never changed his habits enough to survive to see his only grandson make it to elementary school or meet two of his granddaughters who were born after he passed away.

At the time I was almost 200 lbs myself and I knew I needed to change or I would suffer a similar fate as my father and many other lost or suffering relatives. I tried a few quick fixes- prescription diet pills, expensive herbs, starvation and fad diets, running in the hot summer days with NO preparation or planning- if only I had someone there that would have guided me and helped me on my journey from the beginning then I would have avoided so much pain and heartache when these methods failed. Not only did lose very little weight before giving up each time... I always gained it back in about six months. Every time.

I was eventually able to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and get a steady exercise routine going which allowed me to lose 25 pounds and keep it off for few years straight. I even exercised during my pregnancy with my daughter. Then after she was born, the weight came creeping back up as I suffered from postpartum depression, lack of sleep, and a stressful financial situation. Instead of reaching out for help I hid from my body, ignored all the terrible signs, and immersed myself in the responsibilities of running a household. Yet another time when I could have used a professional. It took a hard wake up call one day when I was looking at plus sized clothing in Target. It dawned on me that I was not supposed to be there and I needed to change or I would end up in seriously poor health or end up like my father or my mother who was also struggling with high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. 

Have you ever had that "A Ha!" moment? Once I did standing in Target in the Plus Size section, the idea would not leave me that I needed to change. My motivation jumped into overdrive and I didn't just fight temptation for a week, go on a few evening strolls, or take advice from someone out there touting a magic cure. It took two years of careful planning and trying several things out to get results and keep the weight off for good. I implemented what worked for my needs and found solutions for my specific problems. I am fifty pounds lighter and in such good health that I was able to get off my asthma steroids I have been taking for fifteen years! Now, armed with two science degrees, Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and a Health Coach Certification- I am ready to help others meet their goals. For the sake of your well being and the sake of your love ones, I hope you will join me. I know that if I had weight loss coach like myself, it would not have taken me several years of trying and failing :) Please don't wait another minute to start telling your story and conquering your fears.

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