Hello there! Does This Sound Like You?

  • You struggle with time to make healthy meals because you are overwhelmed and tired. It also feels IMPOSSIBLE to find better snacking options for you and your family at home or at work. It seems easier to just give in and do the same thing because there is just not enough time in the world to start on changing your habits now. You worry that there NEVER will be!

  • Finding a balance to fit in a life-changing routine would be difficult when chaotic schedules are in full swing, you or the folks you care for are resisting food changes and being picky, and who has time to go to a gym!?

  • You are so caught up in the day to day activities running around like crazy that you feel burnt out, stressed, and too TIRED to even think about adding one more thing to your life... like a total habit makeover. But you know you REALLY need one!

  • After failing to lose weight and keep it off, your numbers continue to go up and those pants get tighter every year. Or, you are not overweight YET but unable to permanently adopt the changes that you want for yourself like getting in those workouts, having a more restful sleep, clear skin, stomach issues gone, and cutting out food that you know is bad for you.

It's time to get it together and stop waiting for the right time to get healthy.

Eat better. Feel better.

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Additional Resources

Please check out these wonderful, books, blogs, people and places for help on your Wellness Journey…

21 Day Vegan Kick-start- Great to download as an app on your phone if you can

Physician’s Assisted Wellness- Locally based in Durham, NC. Dr. Jon Sheline is a practicing Plant Based Doctor

Nutrition Facts- All proceeds are donated to charity! Lots of videos by the Author of How Not To Die, Dr. Micheal Gregor