"Our meetings were inspirational!"

I wanted a Health Coach because I was overwhelmed with health issues. High blood sugar levels, dehydration, and terribly tired all the time. Christine helped me establish routines and goals. She gave me the confidence to try new food choices and ways to exercise. I always left the sessions with a clear goal in mind and full of positive energy and our meetings were inspirational. I enjoyed our time and will use several strategies that she taught me.  

I lost weight and set up meal plans started eating healthier and less eating out along with getting my blood sugar more consistent numbers. I am grateful to Christine for her time that she gave to me and helped me to spread that love through my family- helping us to make some real positive healthy choices.

God sent Christine to me in a time when I felt hopeless I'm realizing how overweight I and my blood sugars were crazy and I was constantly tired and dehydrated. Meeting with Christine immediately made me feel better I felt like I could actually get a handle on things and focus on my health for a change. Christine helped me to set goals and accomplish those goals and held me accountable for my actions.

During the months that we work together, I enjoyed her one-on-one meetings and always left with a positive uplifting attitude of being able to conquer the world.

Barbara Z. in Durham, NC