"Non judge-mental support"

I felt like I was pretty healthy overall, but had some bad habits that I had been trying to fix on my own and wanted to try coaching to see if I could be more successful with support. As we worked together and I read the resources she shared with me, I discovered that my "bad habits" ran deeper than I had thought. The process was not what I had expected, but the experience was what I needed to start addressing the deeper issues underlying the things I was initially looking to improve. The timing of the sessions was great! I felt supported, I appreciated her listening as I had a lot of things to talk through. I never felt judged, I felt safe. I left each session feeling I had gotten the support I needed and insights to explore whatever my next steps were. 

I think our time together was a really important part of my personal wellness journey and I am grateful for the support and insights and resources that I got out of it. It was a great experience. I sought out coaching with Christine because I had some eating and exercise habits that I was trying to change on my own, but had not felt successful. I knew that I had some deeper issues related to food, but I thought I could just get help to fix how they were manifesting on the surface. During the months that I worked with Christine, I was able to start uncovering the things in my life that were manifesting as bad eating habits. She offered me helpful resources as well as a gentle listening ear to help me along my way. I left each session feeling I had gotten the support I needed as well as insights on how to continue on my journey.

I believe that wellness is a life long journey and I know that the months spent working with Christine were a really important part of mine. To anyone considering working with Christine, I would say don't worry if your goals are unclear to you; don't worry if you feel like what you have going on is messy and complicated. She will offer non-judgmental support and help you find your own way towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Diana N. in Durham, NC