It's time for a serious ally in your journey...

Who does Christine help? My clients are mature folks who have built their family and/or career empire and stay mucho busy running it! All the pieces are finally falling into place and you worked damn hard to get there. Other programs will try to sell you bland or over complicated time-consuming meal plans, ridiculous supplements, or prepackaged food. Not happening here. I promise to NEVER try to sell you into one of those crazy fad books with diets built in that promise a magic cure if you just fix that “one thing” we are all doing wrong (examples include Paleo, Keto, Atkins). If it seems to you that every single one of them is hard to follow, had huge theory holes, or they are just downright repetitive then you have an ally in me!

Enough is ENOUGH. No more strict, temporary band-aid diets that just make you put back on the weight when you fall off the wagon. No more insane workouts that take up a huge chunk of your precious free time and could possibly endanger you by being too intense for your body. It's time to throw out the "wagon" for good and develop your own model of fitness and health. You deserve someone that cares for you compassionately as an individual and takes into account your own wonderful yet chaotic mommy lifestyle.

This is what programs at Triangle Plant Based Wellness, LLC (TPBW) can offer you if you are looking to lose weight, or just feel better about your lifestyle habits

  • shift your mindset to one of abundance and strength

  • gain control of your eating habits with confidence

  • make exercise a fun, easy, and a permanent part of your life

What SPECIFIC problems will TPBW solve? Lose excess weight, stress from being rushed all the time to make healthy meals and feeling guilty if you cave, uncertainty around nutrition, how to work out in ways that you enjoy and fit your schedule, better sleep and more energy, improved mood and outlook on life, taking years off how you feel and look, plus much more…just ask!  I specialize in overcoming obstacles that are unique to each individual with families at home to take care of, physical injuries, special challenges, or hectic and time consuming careers…

What is the ultimate goal of TPBWGetting off the yo-yo dieting train and creating a mindset that puts health first 365 days a year. Lose up to 30 pounds in the first three months. Get your family healthier and learn how to handle yourself in every tough situation where you are crunched for time to workout, dealing with picky eaters, no time to cook meals.

How will I change as a person? You will feel more confident out in the world and sexier in the mirror. Not to mention, set a great example for your family and loved ones and get them to eat better by example. This lifelong essential habit will influence people around your for the rest of their lives. YES! You can lose all those pounds added up over the years, have more energy to do things all day without feeling dead tired at night, and bring your confidence and state of well-being through the freaking roof. Are you getting excited yet? 

If you are still saying, “I need MORE benefits in order to commit to something this huge!” Don’t worry, here is the complete breakdown…

  • Save $money$ on a whole food plant based diet (or a mostly one)

  • A more hands-on approach to health, taking charge with confidence and empowering yourself with Christine’s professional guidance

  • Attain a more goal-oriented attitude, knowing you can achieve anything you put your mind to...and you don’t have to any of it alone

  • The extra weight will melt off once they get the momentum going

    • At a normal healthy pace

    • No starving!!

    • No more hellish workouts!!

  • Much better overall health improvements

    • Less illness

    • Clear skin

    • More energy

    • Less inflammation and bowel issues

    • Better sex life

    • Better quality sleep

    • Mystery aches and pains will disappear

  • Family and friends will be inspired by your example

  • Be a shiny new, great looking, youthful person in the mirror and in pictures!


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What does the program include?

  • A support community of local plant based potlucks, cooking classes and other events.

  • Weekly phone calls online or on the phone for a half and hour or a full hour

  • Email support anytime! Christine will try to answer your questions within 24 hours

  • Texting support directly to Christine 9-5 Monday-Friday

  • A custom made a resource list made with love and your specific needs in mind to keep forever! This will include

    • book recommendations

    • articles

    • interviews

    • expert opinions and proven methods

    • videos

    • helpful apps

    • loads of information that pertains to your unique situation

  • Guidance and encouragement with scheduling and organizing workouts and meal planning including cooking tips, recipes, and learn how to navigate the grocery store without giving into temptations

  • Work through any mental barriers in your coaching sessions with Christine Frost, a certified coach trained in motivational interviewing and Plant Based Nutrition through Cornell University.

Looking forward to working with you! Please pick time and date below that suits your needs :)

Namaste and Nutrients,

Christine Frost, CHC, Plant Based Nutrition Certified